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Guide: School transport appeals and complaints

What is the process?

Step 1

Complaints about not being entitled to school or college transport are always first looked at by a transport panel of officers. The panel will view all the evidence and information you have put forward and decide whether the normal school transport rules should be set aside or not. They will send you a letter advising you of their decision.

Step 2

If you are not happy with the panel’s decision your case can be heard by the Appeals Committee. The Committee is made up of elected members (county councillors) of the County Council and meets monthly, except for August, at County Hall in Exeter. The panel’s decision letter will contain information on how to appeal plus a reply slip to be completed.

You can ask your councillor to come to the appeal with you but you will need to contact them yourself. However, the Democratic Services and Scrutiny Secretariat will let your county councillor know about your appeal and when it will be heard, once your completed reply slip saying you wish them to be involved in your appeal has been received.

You can get more information about the appeal details from the Democratic Services and Scrutiny Secretariat at County Hall on 0345 155 1019.

The Appeals Committee will listen to and decide on any statements from parents about the way the Education Transport Policy has been used and has the power to ask the Council to look into other reasons why the appeal may be allowed. At the same time, the Committee will also look at the reasons behind the panel’s original suggestions.

The Appeals Committee also hears appeals from parents where a child doesn’t have a right to school transport because of where they live or are going to school but the Committee can provide it on a case by case basis.