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Guide: Post-16 transport

What are my options?

Where you cannot make your own arrangements to attend a school or college, there is no public transport available or no scheme provided by your school or college, then you can talk to the transport team about what limited support can be made available.

In some cases, this will mean that an Assessment of Need will be required and you may need to provide additional evidence to support this assessment. Please call 0345 155 1019. The normal parental contribution for the academic year will be applied to any support.

If there is a financial barrier to you remaining in education the school/college should be approached for assistance. Most colleges receive 16-19 bursary funds to provide targeted help to individuals in need.

They may exercise their discretion to make financial awards to young people in ways that best fit their needs and circumstances. Bursary awards should be targeted towards young people facing financial barriers to participation, such as the costs of transport, meals, books and equipment.

Vacant seats

The expectation is that parents will make the necessary arrangements for you to get to and from college. If there is a school/college contract vehicle you may apply for a vacant seat. You need to make an enquiry at an early stage, by calling 0345 155 1019 and asking whether a vacant seat is available.

A vacant seat is where there is a Devon County Council contract vehicle operating to your school or college. If there is a spare seat and there is no public transport you may be offered a seat on a vehicle. This seat will be guaranteed for that academic year.

A contribution towards the cost of your travel is required and applications need to be completed and sent to the Transport Coordination Service by 1 June, for the following academic year.

Applications within the current year may be considered if there is availability on a service.

Download the application for a vacant seat form – academic year 2022/23.