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Guide: School admission appeals

What sort of information should I provide?

Your appeal should include the reasons why you want your child to go to the school you prefer. Also any reasons why you believe your child’s year group at the school is not actually full.

Whatever your reason for appealing, you should provide in advance as much information in support of your appeal as you can. This might include particular personal circumstances including, for example, medical advice. Where this is relevant, it is helpful to provide copies of doctor’s notes. Please note that the late introduction of such evidence on the day of the appeal is likely to result in your appeal being adjourned and cause a delay.

What will you do with my appeal form once you receive it?

Your appeal will usually be acknowledged within two working days and a copy sent to the appropriate admission authority.

The admission authority then prepares a report for the panel, setting out the reason for not meeting your preference of school. You will be sent a copy of this before your appeal hearing (usually one week before).

The panel aims to hear appeals within six weeks of receiving them. This is not always possible, particularly where there are a number of appeals for the same school at the same time, as happens when children transfer from primary to secondary schools in September. In such a case the panel tries to hear all of the appeals at the same time. In the case of transfer to secondary schools, this will normally happen during the summer term.