SEND Champions for Change film and follow up

An update on the work of Devon’s Champions for Change SEND young people’s group.

Workforce Core Competency Framework

A reminder of Devon’s SEND Core Competency Framework, first launched in 2018.

New SEN Information Report guidance

Babcock LDP published new guidance about how to write a SEND Information Report for schools.

Devon’s local area SEND inspection report

The Local Area SEND inspection report has been published – February 2018.

SEND Strategic Review 2018-19

SEND Strategic Review Surveys for parent carers, children and young people, and professionals/practitioners. Please respond to the survey by Friday 15th February.

SEND Funding – letter from Secretary of State

The Secretary of State’s announcement of measures to address high needs pressures (December 2018).

SEND Local Area Inspection – December 2018

Information about Devon’s SEND inspection from the Care Quality Commission and Ofsted.


Information about the Champions for Change (young people’s group) film.

Improving Access to Communication Services and Support

A report about the Creative Conversation event on 17 October and what will happen next.

Alternative and Augmentive Communication (AAC) Information Session

A summary of a recent information event for parent carers of children and young people who use alternative communication methods alongside or instead of speech or writing.