SEND Local Offer- updated documents

In response to feedback from families and professionals, the following documents have been updated or created:

1. EHC Needs Assessment Request forms 

When parent carers or young people want to request an EHC Needs Assessment, we often ask them to complete a form so we can get all the information we need to make decisions.

You said, we did:

  • request parents’ preferred method of contact
  • integrate the consent form into the request form
  • update the letters you send out to make them easier to understand


You said, we did:

  • Have different forms for different ages so we can reflect ways children and young people may present with SEN at different ages.


2. Key Facts Documents

The graduated response is what happens for all children with SEN in schools – and should be in place well before an EHCP is needed.

You said, we did:

  • explain what the Graduated Response is
  • create more accessible information about the Graduated Response for schools, parents and families
  • be more transparent about how schools are funded


3. Annual Review Guidance

An annual review is where everyone can meet to look at what is working and plan for the next steps.

You said, we did:

  • explain how annual reviews work
  • create information for parents as well as for schools
  • use images and flowcharts to help make the information easier to understand


4. EHCP Format

The sections of the Education, Health and Care Plan are specified in the SEND Code of Practice, but we have worked with families to try to make Devon’s EHCP format better.

You said, we did:

  • add a customisable front cover and contents page
  • number needs, outcomes and provision to make it easier to reference which provision links to which outcome and which need
  • extend section A of the plan and add prompts so it better reflects the child or young person
  • add quotes from the SEND Code of Practice to clarify schools’ responsibilities

New EHC Plan format (blank)

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