Disabled Children’s Provider Engagement Event, 23rd November 2016

This event was held as a follow-up to the event in December 2015. Residential Special Schools, Children’s Homes looking after disabled children and Short Breaks providers were invited to share good practice around caring for disabled children in a residential setting. Topics covered included listening to children and young people, autism awareness and theory of mind, CSE and partnership working between home and school. Please see the presentations and handouts from the day below, notes and any further information requested will be available shortly.

  1. Alex (Plymouth) – Listening To Me
  2. Nathan (Devon) – How to support someone with anxiety depression and autism to participate
  3. Natalie Murphy and Dawn Lewis (Learn to Live Federation) – Everyone Has A Voice
  4. Emma Baker (Plymouth CAMHS) – theory-of-mind
  5. Gorilla Exercise
  6. Adele Pritchard and Raymond Bower (Devon and Cornwall Police) – CSE and Disabled Children
  7. ARC Helping Each Other
  8. Amanda Paddison (Plymouth City Council) – Partnership Working Between Home and School
  9. David Kidner (Ofsted) – Residental holiday schemes for disabled children