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The description below is for an image or graphic that appears in the page: Handbook for managing unauthorised encampments

Image description

A flow chart showing stage two.

The chart opens with the question, ‘does the occupation meet the Assessment Criteria for Eviction?’

If yes, all documents are to be sent to the County Solicitor for consideration and decision. Meanwhile the occupants are to be notified, with Eviction Notices places at the site when available. Subsequently, the County Council Legal Services apply for Possession Order (see section on Eviction Procedure). This is the end of this arm of the chart.

If the answer to the initial question is no, Area of Temporary Acceptance status should be granted and the occupants notified. After which point the GTLO will monitor the site on a regular basis.

An arrow connects this final point about monitoring back to the original question to create a cycle (of monitor and review).

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