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The description below is for an image or graphic that appears in the page: Handbook for managing unauthorised encampments

Image description

a flow chart showing stage one

The chart starts with Part 1 in which one must establish the precise location of the UE and identify landowner, land use and suitability (see Appendix A of the web document for further guidance). Then if the site is on DCC land, move onto Part 2.

The steps set out in Part 2 are as follows:

Step 1. GTLS visits site and carries out a Welfare Needs Assessment (requires participation of occupants) (See Appendix B). Sometimes this is done before or alongside Part 1.

Step 2. GTLS provides occupants with a copy of the Code of Conduct (see Appendix C) and discusses this with them.

Step 3. Relevant services (District, highways, PDREC, education, health workers, MASH – safeguarding, Care Direct etc.) notified of occupation and information provided as deemed necessary to assist with access to education and welfare services. Waste collection and Portaloo services requested where necessary to keep site clean.

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