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Using the EHC Hub to complete EHCP Reviews

The EHC Hub can now be used to plan for ECHP Reviews due to take place in the autumn term.

We are still in the process of adding EHCPs to the Hub, so you may find that not every child with a plan in your setting is currently available. We are working hard to upload every plan as soon as possible.

We recommend trying to plan a review meeting at least 16 weeks in advance and the hub will advise you of this date. Guidance on how to start an EHCP review is available here.

Meetings should be held at least 4 weeks prior to the deadline date to allow for the Local Authority (LA) to process and conclude the review. Therefore, please note that those with a deadline in early September should, wherever possible, be completed in the summer term to allow the LA to complete the review. As a result, these reviews may not be available on the Hub. For any reviews not available on the Hub, please continue to use the current portal.

If you have not received a login please complete this form.