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Devon’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Local Offer

Post-16 distance learning offer for young people with medical conditions

Devon County Council has identified a provider to offer distance learning, targeting those who have a clearly defined and assessed medical need for this provision.

InterHigh is the DCC preferred online learning platform offering both GCSEs and A levels which can then be accessed in the home with the appropriate computer access.

On a case-by-case basis, other providers may be used.

How to get it

You can access a funded place through Devon County Council if you have the appropriate medical evidence to show that this is the only route of accessing education.

Devon County Council arranges enrolment and registers the young person. Information that will be required is:

  • a referral from CSW Group
  • a diagnosis letter detailing the impact of the diagnosis from a medical professional

An Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is not required to access this distance learning. It is provided based on the medical needs of a young person and no assessment of special educational needs is necessary.

There may be young people who have medical needs and an EHCP, in which case distance learning would be part of section F of the EHCP (educational provision).

Subjects available

There is a full range of subjects available, including English, maths and science. There is more information on the InterHigh website.

InterHigh offers IGCSEs – this stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. The IGCSE follows the British National Curriculum in all subjects.

Grades are marked from 9-1 where 9 is the top grade. First introduced 25 years ago, the IGCSE’s syllabus includes many of the same elements that are found within a GCSE course but most IGCSEs do not have coursework.


Devon County Council arranges for exams to happen locally at approved learning institutions at the same time as other exams – a list of locations can be provided.

Equipment and textbooks

The online learning that InterHigh offer includes online access to all the resources you will need.

If you feel you need equipment or textbooks to complete the learning you would have to pay for these yourself.


InterHigh has timetabled lessons and the times of these lessons cannot be changed.

Learners can access other learning activities 24 hours a day and can watch videos of the lessons at any time after they have happened.


For more information please contact Marc Kastner by email at