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Champions for Change – January meeting update

their learning. The group is run by young people with SEND for young people with SEND.

On 29 January, we held our first virtual meeting of 2021. And we’ve now added a PowerPoint presentation to our page so that you can learn more about we got up to in the meeting. We’ll add notes from all our sessions to the bottom of the Champions for Change page, so you can stay up-to-date with the group’s latest activities. 

We discussed how we felt about the new national lockdown as well as the qualities that the new Champions for Change worker should have – the previous worker, Russel, has moved on. The Champions would also like to help with staff training, so we talked about the ways in which this could happen.

We also received a from Beth O’Sullivan and Helen Molteno to explain the new SEND transformation vision and strategy. Champions for Change had previously provided feedback on the vision statement. Helen explained that, in short, the new plan should mean that young people and their families will be able to access support quicker and easier. All the Champions understood the vision and plan and agreed it sounds like a good idea.

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining a group run for young people with SEND by young people with SEND, please get in touch!