Phase 3: Bridge across Summer Lane

Phase 3 covers the construction of a bridge over Summer Lane to remove the existing convoluted section of the E4 route between Exhibition Fields and Bettysmead Playing Fields.

Summer Lane crossing

The existing cycle route over Summer Lane is not direct and it has steep gradients and tight corners. To overcome these issues, a new pedestrian and cycle bridge is proposed over Summer Lane, north of the existing railway bridge.

This proposed bridge will link the existing paths to the east and west of Summer Lane, whilst also maintaining the existing pedestrian facilities.

The bridge is planned to be a bow warren truss, 4.5 m wide and approximately 30 m long, with access ramps accessible to all kind of users. The parapets will have at least a height of 1.4 m.

The construction of this section is expected to start in autumn 2019, subject to planning approval.