Phase 3: Bridge across Summer Lane

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Summer Lane Cycle Bridge project has been classed as a critical infrastructure project due to it requiring the closure of Summer Lane, and the access issues it causes to users of Willowbrook and St James School. As such, the contractor is still working while adhering to the guidelines for distancing.

Due to issues with the supply chain and having to respect the distancing guidelines, the project is likely to take longer than originally programmed, however, the extent of the delay is not yet known.

A map illustrating the route that will be developed in phase 3 of the E4 cycle scheme

Phase 3 covers the construction of a bridge over Summer Lane to remove the existing convoluted section of the E4 route between Exhibition Fields and Bettysmead Playing Fields.

Summer Lane crossing

The existing cycle route over Summer Lane is not direct and it has steep gradients and tight corners. To overcome these issues, a new pedestrian and cycle bridge is proposed over Summer Lane, north of the existing railway bridge.

This proposed bridge will link the existing paths to the east and west of Summer Lane, whilst also maintaining the existing pedestrian facilities.

A public consultation was held in November 2018. You can view the details of the consultation including consultation summary results on the Have Your Say E4 Exeter Cycle Route/ public consultation pages.  

The proposals were approved at Cabinet in January 2019.

The bridge is planned to be a bow warren truss, 3.5m wide (inside) and 18m long, with access ramps accessible to all kinds of users. The parapets will be at least 1.4m high. The western approach ramp will run parallel with the existing path with a gradient of 1 in 20 and will tie in with the existing path approximately 50m west of the bridge. The eastern ramp will be approximately 40m long with a maximum gradient of 1 in 40 and will be aligned to the south of the skate park, tying directly into the end of the existing path to the south of the Arena car park.

The existing Western Power Distribution compound which is currently located off the existing path to the west of Summer Lane will be relocated further north so that it accessed directly off Summer Lane.

The tree and hedge planting scheme will be undertaken at a suitable time of year following the completion of the main civil works.

The construction of the bridge is expected to start on 3rd February 2020 and finish on 28th August 2020.

Planned Roadworks

To complete the work safely, and to protect the workforce and the public, it will be necessary to close Summer Lane during the construction period. For information on the Summer Lane closure, roadworks and diversions related to the scheme, visit Devon’s Roads and Transport Information website. 

The school grounds will be securely fenced off from the works. When necessary, the skate park will need to be closed to avoid any potential conflict between users of the skate park and construction works. Notices detailing dates for the anticipated closure of the skate park will be set up prior to the temporary closure of the skate park.