Phase 2: Pinhoe Road to Bettysmead Playing Fields

The second phase of the work, connecting Pinhoe Road to Bettysmead Playing Fields, includes improvements to the existing route on Pinhoe Road, Exhibition Way, Eastern Fields and Bettysmead Playing Fields.

Pinhoe Road/Exhibition Way

Proposals for Pinhoe Road/ Exhibition Way are currently being prepared for Cabinet approval.

A public consultation for this section of the route was held between Monday 15 October and Monday 19 November 2018. Comments from the public have been considered, and the proposals are currently being prepared for approval at approval at Cabinet.

Plans from the public consultation can be seen here.

Read the report about the results from the public consultation.

Eastern Fields/Exhibition Fields

The existing path through Eastern Fields and Exhibition Fields is narrow, meanders sharply around trees and is uneven due to root growth. Improvements proposed to this section of the route include using no-dig footway construction to widen the footway whilst maintaining trees.

The widened shared use path will be 3.5m, with a minimum width of 2.5m for short lengths to maintain trees where appropriate. 

Progress update February 2019

As of Monday 11 February 2019, a number of trees have been highlighted for removal beside the shared use path that runs along the south side of Exhibition Fields. The work is anticipated to last 1-2 weeks.

Careful consideration has been given to which trees are to be felled, balancing the need to generate space for path improvement works with the condition, ecological value, and landscape impact of the existing trees.

As can be seen from the scheme planting plans (below), there will be compensation planting for 11 trees highlighted for removal, in the form of 30 trees across 2 sites.

The species and planting location of the proposed trees have been selected with guidance from a landscape architect, Ecologist and Exeter City Council’s Tree Officer.

The majority of the proposed trees will be planted beside the shared use path, in similar locations to those being removed. The replacement trees aim to enhance the current park feel of the area, boost the city’s canopy cover, and greatly improve the bio-diversity.

The planting will be undertaken during the next available planting season following construction work, scheduled for autumn 2019.

Bettysmead Playing Fields

Improvements are proposed to the existing shared use path through Bettysmead Playing Fields through to Summer Lane. Improvements include the widening and realignment of a conflict point, maintenance of existing drainage facilities and clearance of low branches overhanging the path.

Approval was given by HATOC in July 2018 to construct this work and the improvements are expected to commence in spring 2019, subject to planning permission.

The extend of the current E4 works finish at Bettysmead Playing fields.