A map illustrating the route developed in phase 1 of the E4 cycle scheme

Cumberland Way – Pinhoe Road

Bidirectional (two way) cycle route along Cumberland Way at Monkerton showing a priority crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.

The first phase of the E4 to be completed was a one-kilometre section along Cumberland Way between Hollow Lane and Pinhoe Road/Pilton Lane, which opened to the public in the summer of 2018.

This stretch includes a bi-directional cycle path on Cumberland Way and part of Pinhoe Road to enable two-way cycling.


Bidirectional (two way) cycle route along Cumberland Way which merges to a shared path at Hollow Lane. The path is separated from the traffic by a 0.5 metre wide, kerbed buffer island to protect cyclists from passing vehicles. Pedestrians are on a level separated path alongside the cycle path.

There are short sections of shared use paths for pedestrians and cyclists, however, these are wide. Priority is given to pedestrians and cyclists across all side roads.


Exhbition Way – Pinhoe Road

A map illustrating the route being developed in phase 2 of the E4 cycle scheme

The section from Pinhoe Road to Exhibition Way opened in July this year (2020).

These improvements have widened existing shared paths along Pinhoe Road A new toucan crossing has been installed on the east side of the Pinhoe Road/Exhibition Way junction. There are also new crossing facilities at side roads on Exhibition Way and Pinhoe Road to give priority to cyclists and pedestrians.

A two-way cycle route, with a ‘buffer’ zone segregating cyclists from the road, has also been developed along part of Exhibition Way.

Paths through the parks

Path widening improvement work through Bettysmead Playing fields and Exhibition Fields has been completed. These will connect to the Summer Lane bridge once it is in place (November 2020).

View planning documents for Bettysmead and Exhibition Fields.

Before and after photos of the work are available here

A tree replanting and landscaping plan is currently underway.

A map illustrating the route that will be developed in phase 3 of the E4 cycle scheme

Summer Lane Cycle Bridge

The existing cycle route over Summer Lane is not direct and it has steep gradients and tight corners. To overcome these issues, work is ongoing on a new pedestrian and cycle bridge over Summer Lane, north of the existing railway bridge.

Preliminary construction work is ongoing and the bridge lift is expected to take place in October.

This bridge is expected to be open before the end of 2020 and will link the existing paths to the east and west of Summer Lane, while also maintaining the existing pedestrian facilities.

A tree and hedge planting scheme will be undertaken at a suitable time of year following the completion of the main civil works.

Planned roadworks

To complete the work safely, and to protect the workforce and the public, it has been necessary to close Summer Lane during the construction period. For information on the Summer Lane closure, roadworks and diversions related to the scheme, visit our Roads and transport traffic information website.

The school grounds are securely fenced off from the work. When necessary, the skate park will need to be closed to avoid any potential conflict between users of the skate park and construction work. Notices detailing dates for the anticipated closure of the skate park will be set up prior to the temporary closure of the skate park.


Bettysmead Playing Fields to Prince of Wales Road

Potential improvements to the E4 cycle route between Beacon Lane and the University (including Union Road and Stokehill roundabout) are being investigated.

Surveys have been undertaken to assess the existing network and preliminary options are being developed for high-quality cycle infrastructure on this key part of the route. As the design process progresses, more information will be shared on the proposals.