Is someone hurting your pet?

Family pets are sometimes used as a tool to manipulate and control victims of domestic abuse either by threatening to harm the animals if they leave, or by actually hurting the animal in front of the victim. One of the reasons that victims might not leave their abusive partners and retreat to the safety of a refuge or temporary housing is due to the fear of leaving their pets behind.

RSPCA PetRetreat
The RSPCA PetRetreat service may be able to arrange for foster carers to look after your pet if you are fleeing domestic abuse. Your pet will be given a good home until you are settled and ready to look after it again.

If you have a pet and feel ready to leave your home to go into a refuge, or are in a refuge and have left your pet behind, please contact the RSPCA PetRetreat service:

Tel: 0300 123 8278