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See good decisions being made

Building a Devon where people can understand the thinking behind decision-making and how they can get involved

Watch the video for See good decisions being made: what matters to you?

We want to understand more about the thinking and assumptions behind our decision-making, and the consequences of those decisions. We will do this by looking very closely at our democratic system to understand how well it works for the people of Devon, and where the opportunities are for us to work better.

Digital technology is increasingly important in all our lives and is transforming the way we all work, communicate and do business. We want to be an innovative and creative Council at the forefront of technological development so that we can help make life easier and more convenient for everyone we come into contact with.

Smarter Devon is exploring how we can make the most of our data and ensure that our decision-making is underpinned by facts and intelligence, with the necessary data, tools, skills and staff in place. Smarter Devon will help us define measures and collect evidence to demonstrate whether we are succeeding in helping people to live their lives well, and enable us to identify where and how we need to change.

Doing what matters means learning what matters. We are reframing leadership development to provide a tailored offer to support leadership practices to enable working across systems, teams and boundaries. It will support leaders to challenge current thinking and assumptions, and understand and shape culture to move effectively to doing what matters for the people of Devon.