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Our principles

The best way to meet our purpose is to understand what matters to residents so that we can work effectively and compassionately to help people to live their lives well.

Work to future

We are creating an organisation which is focussed on achieving our overall purpose. We are using six principles to guide how we will we work in future.


Purpose is the reason we are here; our why. Our principles are the how. They’re our way of keeping ourselves focused on purpose and checking that we are moving in the right direction.

Our principles


We will do what matters

Understanding and doing what matters for citizens means that we will be clear on the real problem to solve. We can then work to resolve it appropriately and effectively – ensuring that people can get back to living their life well as soon as possible.


We will take an outside in approach

We will understand our work by looking in to our organisation from a citizen’s perspective. We will learn how our system – our policies, processes and services – looks and feels to citizens interacting with it. We will use this outside in knowledge and understanding to design a system which helps citizens to live their lives well.


Our work will be based on knowledge, data and understanding

The way we design and implement services will be based on understanding the
consequences of what we do end to end across our whole system. This will mean constantly examining the system to understand what is happening and why; challenging ourselves to learn and develop; and creating the opportunities for learning to happen.


We will use better measures

We will design and use measures that tell us whether we are meeting purpose and helping people to live their lives well. Our measures will clearly show us what is working and what isn’t; and help us to learn and improve the way that we understand and meet people’s needs.


We will understand the connections between each part the system

We will make sure that we understand how different services and services areas work together. We will recognise the contributions that all organisations make to helping people to live their life well.


Leaders will work together and empower others

All leaders will take a collective approach to leadership. All leaders will use their power and influence to facilitate change and remove barriers.

A new model of leadership

Leaders are the people in the system who have the power to make truly systemic and sustainable changes.

A new model of leadership