Support for businesses

Last updated 08:39, 1 April 2020

Information about coronavirus is available in different languages and formats:

Support for businesses

The government has published guidance for employers and businesses. You can find an updated full list of business support provided by the government at Coronavirus Business Support. This includes the Business Interruption Loan Scheme and sources of support for businesses from outside of government.

A number of private lenders are also making funds available to small businesses impacted by COVID-19, including £2 billion from Lloyds Banking Group and £5 billion from NatWest.

In Devon, you can access business support and advice from the Heart of the South West Growth Hub.

If you are recruiting into the care sector, please add your job openings (for free) on Proud to Care Devon. If you have other employment opportunities, we would encourage you to get involved with the Heart of the South West Virtual Career Fairs.

If you have a query that isn’t covered by the government guidance you can contact the Business Support Helpline.

To help maintain critical services, and to support our suppliers, Devon County Council is reducing payment terms from 20 days to 5 days until further notice. This will ensure businesses in the supply chain are promptly reimbursed and not disadvantaged by poor cash flow.

Advice is available on decontamination for businesses, where a possible or confirmed COVID-19 case has spent time while symptomatic.

Businesses can also download and print the government’s coronavirus poster to display within their workspaces.

To assist with planning, it may be useful to refer to the Cabinet Office checklist for businesses (this refers to pandemic influenza but the checklist may be useful)

Businesses (and individuals) should also be aware of an increase in scams linked to coronavirus.

Businesses which must close

To reduce social contact, the government has ordered some businesses and venues to close. You can read the list of businesses and venues that must remain closed.

The businesses and venues on the list should have all closed at the end of 23 March 2020. Government has indicated that the first point of review for these measures will be in three weeks.


Everyone is asked to comply with the request to close, in order to protect both themselves and others.

Trading Standards and Environmental Health will support and work with companies to ensure they are able to comply with the Regulations before having to resort to statutory penalties. If it was obvious that following the advice there were still issues and the advice had been disregarded then stronger action will be explored.

(Note that as of 26 March 2020 new Regulations extending the restrictions are now enforceable by law in England due to the threat to public health.)


Reporting a business that should be closed

We have had reports phoned in identifying businesses that have remained open. After reading the full list of businesses that should be closed, if you are aware of a business remaining open, despite it being of a type listed, then please report to Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline.