Devon Discounts

Become a Devon Discounts supplier

Become a Devon Discounts supplier

Devon Discounts can provide a range of benefits to local businesses in exchange for offering a discount to our employees.

These include:

  • Large target market: As a discount supplier you will be targeting approx. 12,000 Devon County Council employees on the payroll across Devon, including schools (4,959 across Devon County Council and 7,233 in Devon County Council maintained schools – as of August 2021).
  • Website advertising: Devon Discounts is featured on the staff web pages called Inside Devon and can be accessed by staff through their mobile devices or home computers. You will have your own webpage featured on our Devon Discounts website, providing links to your own website and offer. See our example Devon Discounts page for more details.
  • e-newsletter: Devon County Council staff receive a weekly staff  e-newsletter called Inside Devon. Devon Discounts is featured in it on a regular basis and special offers and discounts will be promoted.
  • Devon County Council ID: Employees have an ID card and branded payslips so it easy for you and your staff to identify them when claiming discounts/special offers.
  • Flexibility: You will have the flexibility to choose the terms of the discount/promotion that you wish to offer.
  • No cost: Devon Discounts is free to use and there is no annual fee.



To access this audience through our Devon Discounts website and internal staff e-newsletter (Inside Devon), please refer to the Supplier Terms and Conditions then submit an offer using the online form.

You will be emailed with an agreement (PDF) based on the Supplier Terms and Conditions to sign and send back to us. We can only publicise your discount/offer if you agree to our terms and conditions. A ‘scrutiny group’ then checks the offer and we contact you. Your offer will remain on the Devon Discounts website for the time you specify and you must notify us if the offer changes.

What local suppliers say

“Devon Discounts has provided us with a way to attract new customers and build loyalty locally in Devon . We are very keen to develop our relationship further.”

Anna Zaleski,  Sales Executive – Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel
Southernhay East, Exeter