A measured approach

To ensure the decisions we make offer the best support and service to people in Devon, we will define ways to measure what we do and how well we are doing it. These measures will enable us to make the right decisions at the right time, and to continuously evolve and improve.

What ongoing measurement and review allows us to do

  • To assess and validate the work we do

    by ensuring we have well defined performance indicators and effective reporting mechanisms in place to guide decision making

  • To assess and validate the investments we make

    by ensuring an ongoing review of data collected around a users experience, demand and indicators of success

  • To support the ongoing development

    by providing useful information around user need, changes in of our public service and where there are opportunities for further improvement

Our guiding principles and how we measure success are aligned to, and support our commitment to deliver digital services that adhere to the Local Government Digital Service Standard

Looking to the future

Where we see opportunities for digital innovation in our organisation
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