Awareness Learning and DVDs

Awareness Level Course Materials

Awareness Workbook Guidance

The Awareness Level Safeguarding Learning Workbook accompanies the Safeguarding DVD “Because you said something……”

Awareness Level Safeguarding Learner Workbook

Important Notice for Managers – in order to access the Awareness Workbook Guidance, please contact the mailbox below for the password

The Awareness Level Mental Capacity Act Learner Workbook accompanies the “Who Decides” DVD

Awareness Level Who Decides Learner Workbook

How to Order and Purchase the DVD’s

We currently have two DVD’s for Sale and they are the following:

Because you Said Something ……..

Who Decides?

The cost of the DVD’s is £18.00 each and these can be purchased by sending a cheque (made payable to Devon County Council) and once this has been received the DVD’s will be sent out by return of post.

If you wish to purchase one or both of them please contact the mailbox below: