Leading Safeguarding Enquiries

This is a New Course and replaces the former Responsible Managers Training

We currently have set up course dates and you will find these on our new booking system Del Digital Learning (information below), please be aware that these dates may change if the course content is not available.


Upon completion of the Leading Safeguarding Enquires course, professionals will be able to:

• Ensure the principles of Making Safeguarding Personal are applied.
• Understand and apply the links to the Think Family approach to ensure appropriate engagement with services for Children and young people
• Recognise their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in carrying out Section 42 enquiries that have been caused out by the local authority and how this works in partnership with other agencies in the safeguarding procedures including Police investigations
• Understand the evidential procedures and requirements of both Criminal Investigative and S42 Enquiries
• Identify and update their knowledge of relevant legislation, Government/Home Office/ Department of Health initiatives (for example, Prevent, Protect, Domestic Violence, Sexual Exploitation, Modern Slavery, FGM and Hidden Harm) and case law and be able to apply this to their practice
• Identify and manage risk
• Gather and analyse evidence of harm
• Brief others who might need to take action, sharing information appropriately
• Plan and conduct a safeguarding assessment
• Make decisions that safeguard people at risk
• Make accurate and legally defensible records in line with DSAB multi-agency policy and Professional Standards
• Managing communication
• Understand the interface with parallel enquiries (for example, HR, LeDeR, SIRI, Domestic Homicide Reviews)
• Review and share learning from their practice with colleagues

Following delivery of all courses Delegates will have a sound understanding of individual and organisational duties to support them to be competent in carrying out S42 Enquiries under the Care Act 2014.

Who Should Attend:

Professionals within the Local Authority Team Managers, Health and Police whom will be responsible for carrying out Section 42 Enquiries under the Care Act.

For booking onto the Leading Safeguarding Enquiries training please use the link below:

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