Member Induction 2017


This Council believes that members need to be well prepared to undertake the role of a councillor. On these pages are (both) programmes for two seminar days and also the ongoing induction programme through the summer and into the autumn.

You will further be given support to ensure training and development meets your needs during your time as a councillor. This Council has a dedicated Member Development Steering Group, with councillors setting the direction of travel for training as well as a small but dedicated budget to enable you to carry out your duties to the best of your ability.

The Council also received the Charter Plus award for member Development in  2013 and was recently reaccredited in 2016.

Seminars/Induction programme

The first programmed seminar will take place on 12 May 2017. This will be a strategic overview and you will have the opportunity to meet the Leadership Team and also receive key pieces of information to allow you to start setting the scene.

The next seminar takes place on 25 May 2017, on the same day as the first annual meeting of the Council. This will be a little more detailed and will also have separate workshop sessions on key subjects which will set you on your way.

The Ongoing Induction Programme starts on 1 June 2017 and will carry on through the summer and autumn and of course, can be modified to pick up any additionally identified needs along the way. This encompasses many key skills as well as the committee specific training that you will require, following any appointments made at the annual meeting of the Council.

Pre-induction information

The following links provide some key information relating to the Council and its services that you can read at your leisure. These are fairly high level as we are keen not to bombard new members with too much information too soon.

You are able to see information particular to your ward here.

Full Organisational Chart – Once on this page you can drill down into individual chief officers, heads of services and their service structures.


Post Induction Presentations and Resources

Devon Highways – June 2017