Elections 2017

The next whole Council elections will take place in May 2017.

Have you registered to vote?

If not, you must contact your local district council to get advice on how to do this or visit GOV.UK – Register to vote.

Love your vote – don’t lose it!

The are a number of myths surrounding voter registration and the Electoral Commission has produced a series of four videos that tackle some of the common misconceptions about registering to vote. See Myth or Fact to test your knowledge about registering to vote in the UK.

The Devon (Electoral Changes) Order 2016 No. 657 which was laid before Parliament on 22 March 2016 has now come into effect.

The Order gives effect to the recommendations of the Local Government Boundary Commission for England on the County Council’s electoral divisions, for a Council of 60 Members with 56 single-member divisions and 2 two-member divisions, from 2017 onwards. To see individual maps of each Division, please see here.

Copies of all relevant notices and guidance will be published here in due course or on the relevant District Council Websites. Exeter City Council, East Devon District Council, Teignbridge District Council, South Hams District Council, West Devon Borough Council, Mid Devon District Council, North Devon District Council and Torridge District Council.

The key dates, starting with publication of the formal Notice of Election on 27 March 2017, are shown in the Election Timetable and a copy of those formal Notices will published here. The fees and charges payable for the administration of the elections are shown in the scale of costs.

Any more questions?

A list of FAQs, derived from a number of commonly asked questions over the years, have been created to assist.