Phase 1 consultation (closed)

Progress update December 2013

What has happened so far?

  • Community Life Choices Strategy – day services for all adults over 18 years of age.
  • Community Life Choices Consultation  (Jan – April 2012)
  • Devon County Council’s Cabinet Committee agreed:
    • to explore how the range of community based day opportunities can be improved
    • a review of the County Council’s in-house day service provision.
  • Community Mapping events were held to establish a better picture of local provision.

What does the day service review involve?

  • Information gathering including feedback from community mapping events
  • Reviewing centres using criteria agreed by Cabinet
  • Establishing proposals through a co-design event – We are here!
  • Consultation with staff, clients, carers and stakeholders on proposals..
  • Decisions on the future of each centre
  • Implementation of changes

Co-design event

Clients, carers, providers, staff and other stakeholders where invited to a co-design event in late November. This event::

  • Raised awareness of the tough choices the Council needs to make.
  • Raised awareness of the role of personal budgets and direct payments and the impact they are having on expanding choice and control for individuals in Devon.
  • Involved stakeholders in helping to shape the future of our in-house day services.

Packs containing anonymous information relating to each of the centres were considered in groups alongside the criteria for the review. Each group was asked to recommend proposals for the future of each centre they looked at, together with a full rationale as to why they were making the recommendation.

Next steps

  • Feedback from the co-design event will inform the development of the proposals for consultation in the New Year.
  • Other factors relating to the centres will be carefully considered.
  • Draft proposals for consultation will be published later in the New Year.
  • A series of meetings will be organised for clients, carers and staff who will potentially be affected by proposals.
  • Consultation documents will be made available to stakeholders, so they can comment on the proposals.

Questions and Answers from the Co-design event