Consultation and engagement findings

Community capacity building

The consultation and engagement indicated that there was a general agreement that people should be supported to use open access or universal activities and services as much as possible (e.g. libraries, carers’ support services, adult learning, arts facilities, theatre, community transport, voluntary and community activities and services etc.) before they become eligible to receive a County Council funded personal budget or service.

This means that working across the whole of the Council we need to respond to the increased demand for a broader range of activities and services that people can access in the community at level 1 (open access offer). In addition where individuals receive a personal budget/direct payment, there will need to be more opportunities for personalised community alternatives.

Community capacity building includes:

  • Working with communities to map existing activity and services and sharing knowledge about what’s currently available
  • Bringing partners from the voluntary, community and the private sector together to explore new ways to develop activities and services in local communities.
  • Utilising small amounts of money to help the development of new activities and services and/or to facilitate the use of those services for people with disabilities
  • Supporting local communities to access wider funding for service developments.

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