Community Mapping Findings

Money Issues

Exeter 23rd Oct Community Mapping Event Notes
  • Direct Payment / Personal Budgets – older people reluctant to take up – what are the alternatives or how could we better promote / make accessible?  Too bureaucratic.  Can we adopt Take A Break approach for other client groups  services?
  • Finance / Costs
  •  Ability of client to top up for day care of choice?
  • DCC Buildings
  •  If looking to close day centre, possibility of gifting / right to buy options for providers?
Mid Devon 17 Oct Community Mapping Event Table 1
  • Cognitively challenged individuals are not always aware that services are being paid for.
  • We need to think about how we invest time and support to help them understand costs.
  • Volumes are important
  •  DCC could make resources available to the market and steer them as to what is needed, then providers could respond by developing innovative solutions.
  • ‘People need to pay’ its their responsibility
South Devon 18th October Community Mapping Event – Table 1
  • Need to raise awareness of Personal budgets and offer more support to carers,
  •  Personal budgets – combine PB’s to enable group activities
  • Inconsistency in outcomes of Personal Budget Questionnaires. If the parent or carer hasn’t got an awareness or if they haven’t been supported properly in completing the questionnaire, we often end up with big packages for low need clients
South & West – Sonia Burgess 18th October
  • Barriers to further development – Funding
  • Where local providers are funded by grant aid this may create conflict should they want to bid for work previously carried out by statutory organisations
East Devon Community Mapping Table 1
  • Councils won’t fund transport element
  • There have been cuts in the east to transport and day care
North Devon Community Mapping Table 1
  • Personalisation is great but budget is a constant issue. We need to be realistic about expectations on costs and who pays.
  • Need to stretch our funding further -Real challenges
  • Community based options are not always better or cheaper
  • Big problem – Direct payments and carers employment law. Tribunal – legal liabilities, recently a relative had to pay £2K for not consulting with the carer before he laid her off.
  • Support for direct payments – carers may not be using them effectively? Who monitors them?
  • We need higher volumes of clients to fund services
xxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxxx.xx.xxCost and payment for services is important and being able to use direct payments to purchase what you want i hope will feature in the research .I hope there is a price compassison with services that are provided by DCC .

And also let people explore what their days could be like if they could use their funding in a different way???

Will there be a transition from centre based DCC supported daycare to one to one outcome based provision ???