Community Mapping Findings


Exeter 23rd Oct Community Mapping Event NotesDay services (buildings based) meet user and carer need in one, so does this make them more efficient (£)?

  • If fewer buildings, consider travel times / cost implications
South Devon 18th October Community Mapping EventLack of modern services in Newton Abbot area
North 24th October Flip Charts
  • What if they can’t manage their personal budget
  • How do carers know who to contact
  • We (Providers) need to know what is required/what gaps there are in provision
  • What is the Community Enabling Team
  • Why can’t you quantify mental health services
  • Group activity and place of safety
  • It is possible to offer personalised service from buildings
  • Co-ordination of people with DP to do group activity
  • Co-ordination of activity point at local level
  • Findings targeted at specific groups – some groups miss out
  • Care Homes – where is the responsibility?
  • Where is the support/care management/enabling coming from
  • DP rely on people to be assertive – some need more help than others

Lead support into employments across all clients – social/activity groups, client

  • Taw & Torridge Caring – After caring (x carers)
  • Torridge – numerous but difference services
  • Overload and expectations of volunteers
  • Help to motivate WIFH volunteersBurden of staff training, i.e H&S, etcImportance of library as key local signposting of services
  • 1:1 support via DP’s can still be socially isolating
  • Some building based services are still very cost effective
  • Knock on pressures – unintended consequences of changes in provision on elderly carers
  • Are we looking at how other authorities are doing this?
Exeter & East Devon 28 Oct Mark LaneThe way day-care provision is divided up – according to universal through to high dependency I felt did not reflect the interdependency between the levels and that imbedding mini-capability from the tier above in the tier below would help identify the ‘cliff-edge’ people before crisis happens and also help with prevention or delay going up through the levels. An example of this was memory cafes in tesco cafes or assessment/advice provision within places that older people habitually inhabit rather than creating physical infrastructure and making people go it. In this same vein I noted an absence of day-care support provision/assets/providers in the lists:
East Devon Community Mapping Table 1
  • Map the gaps in community transport?
North Devon Community Mapping Table 1
  • Community based options are not always better or cheaper–       How do we determine High level and low level needs?-       Limited MH day centres in North Devon – only DPT link centres
  • Support for direct payments – carers may not be using them effectively? Who monitors them? What support do people get?
  • DCC need to offer a clear direction
****** thought that Government policy at all levels was about person centre practise and choice. So why are DCC now taking choices away from vulnerable people that have needs, day centres can be incredible places that meet so many fundamental needs, community based services with paid enablers are invaluable and much needed but peer support and re-learning social skills in a group environment is much needed. Most building based service user would chose to go there.