Phase 2 consultation (closed)

Background information

Devon County Council’s Community Life Choices Strategy recommends an approach to the commissioning of day services for adults aged 18 and over,  that recognises the challenges faced by:

  • Changing aspiration of service users, in particular increased demand for flexible community based day opportunities and the need to have a broader range of options for people.
  • The need to ensure that DCC funded support is available only as much as necessary and only for as long as necessary to reduce long term dependency on services
  • Increased dissatisfaction with traditional service models which are seen as non personalised and where service users are using such services less.
  • Falling usage of DCC directly provided day centres is resulting in increasing and unsustainable unit costs.
  • The need for modernised buildings based day services particularly for people with more complex needs, offering more choice and better integration within local communities.

The strategy recommends a four tier model for day opportunities as detailed below:

What this means:

Building Based – will be available for people with very high support needs.

Personal Budgets Offer – Community orientated activities with care and support

Community enabling offer – will be available to a person for a set amount of time and will promote access to universal services and Access to employment and build community capacity

Open Access offer – is about providing good quality information, advice and signposting.  This will ensure that people are made aware of the universal support services and opportunities in their area or community and signposted to other agencies for support