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Reporting the outcome of a COVID-19 test – quick guide

Here’s out quick guide to reporting the outcomes of COVID-19 tests. This information is for Early Years and childcare providers.

  • When you know a child or member of staff has had the results of a test you should complete this online form. You only need to report positive test outcomes.
  • Positive test results are immediately forwarded to the Devon public health tactical management team and this means they are aware of the confirmed cases in live time. This allows them to support schools and settings and also map cases across the area, sometimes days in advance of the information coming through from the Department for Education (DfE) helpline.
  • In outbreak situations it is important to understand the number of tests and the number positive – as this enables us to monitor the positivity rate and then to observe the impact of specific measures on the positivity rate.
  • If you have one confirmed case, contact the dedicated advice service, introduced by Public Health England (PHE) and delivered by the NHS Business Services Authority. This can be reached by calling the DfE Helpline on 0800 046 8687 and selecting option 1 for advice on the action to take in response to a positive case.
  • If you have more than one confirmed case, please contact the Public Health England South West Health Protection Team (HPT) on 0300 303 8162 or email
  • Any confirmed cases in the setting (either child or staff member), or if the setting has been advised to close as a result, should be reported to Ofsted as soon as reasonably practical, and in any case within 14 days. Please read the guidance on reporting incidents to ensure you include all of the information required. There is a ‘report online’ button on the guidance page that you will need to use to make these reports.
  • Once we receive confirmation of a positive test result your EYCA will contact you to offer support or further guidance.
  •  If you have had a visit from anyone to your provision and you subsequently have a child or an adult that has gone to be tested please contact that person to tell them and also get back to tell them the result of the test.

Thank you for making these important returns!