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Visiting care homes

Last Updated 3:30pm, 28 October 2020


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Visiting care homes in Devon

The national policies for visiting arrangements in care homes, updated on 5 November 2020, requires the local authority Director of Public Health to make a risk assessment about visits to care homes in their area.

The incidence of COVID-19, and therefore risk levels in Devon, are currently comparatively low when looking at the rest of the country and Devon’s Director of Public Health has stated that there are no restrictions recommended at the moment, as long as national and local guidance is strictly followed.

However, individual care homes may make their own decisions around whether to allow visitors so we encourage care homes to communicate their policy to the family and friends of their residents. If you are unsure whether you are able to visit a family or friend in a care home, please contact the care home directly for advice.

On occasion, a local situation may arise where the advice from Public Health England is that visiting should be suspended.  Under these circumstances, the care home will be informed that this is the case until such time that it is considered safe to restart visits.

We will continue to monitor the local situation in Devon and will provide further updates to care homes as needed.