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Reconnect Rebuild Recover Community Fund

Last Updated 1:46pm, 14 July 2021


Information about coronavirus is available in different formats and languages, including easy read, BSL and for people who are not online.

What is the Reconnect Rebuild Recover Community Fund?

Our public health and healthcare systems, local and national government working with our local voluntary and community sector organisations and communities are continuing to work together to recover and rebuild after the effects of coronavirus, and to assist those most vulnerable to it.

As we start to emerge from national lockdown arrangements and seek to gain a greater degree of normality, DCC is keen to help local communities to reconnect, rebuild and recover, safely and confidently, the rich and varied social and community-led facilities and activities within their communities which were so quickly suspended during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown.

The Reconnect Rebuild Recover Community Fund will provide grant funding of up to £1,000 for smaller projects and between £1,000 and £3,000 for larger projects for community-led initiatives which identify and achieve, in a safe (e.g. COVID-19 compliant) and confident way, the important things that matter to and help local people to reconnect, rebuild and recover their community-led facilities and/or social activity.

We are looking to support initiatives that:

  • assist community needs-led social facilities and activities to re-commence in a safe and compliant way: confident that any community offer they provide is COVID-19 compliant and that the communities they aim to serve are fully aware and confident of the recovery measures taken.
  • encourage, support and help people across the age range to re-connect, participate and socialise in a confident and safe (COVID-19 compliant) manner, supporting and improving their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing through COVID-19 compliant community-led facilities and activities.
  • identify the need, provide and promote safe community-led transportation links and services, which encourage and help people to re-connect and re-socialise safely within their communities.
  • encourage people to develop skills and learning through volunteering their time, knowledge and expertise to help and support both the provision of COVID-19 compliant community-led facilities and social activity, and the people using them.

We are unable to fund projects that:

  • support animals
  • support a single faith without wider Community benefit
  • are delegating any acquired funds to third parties
  • provide support to more than 25% of beneficiaries living outside of the Devon County Council Administrative Area.

Who can apply?

Applications are accepted from:

  • constituted and not-for-private-profit voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector groups and organisations
  • town and parish councils
  • charities
  • a combination of such groups working together.
  • Non-constituted groups without their own, separate bank account, small local businesses and individuals may apply but they will need to do so with the support of an accountable constituted organisation acting on their behalf as sponsor/guarantor and as the recipient of the grant.

Please read part (a) of the guidance below for more details on eligibility and eligible sponsors.

How much can you apply for?

The amount you can apply for depends on the type of project and the costs involved. Grants will typically be under £1,000 and these grants will be paid to organisations prior to work taking place.  Grants of between £1,000 and £3,000 will be reimbursed upon receipt of an end of project report outlining what the funds paid for and the impact and outcomes. Where there is evidence that a project is exceptional, we may enter into discussions with applicants and offer higher awards.

Applications will need to include details of how much funding will be required and how you have assessed the need for that amount.

Please note

Successful applications for funding under £1000 will receive a grant once the panel have agreed that the application meets the criteria of these funds.  You will be asked to submit an end of project report within 3 months of completion.   We reserve the right to request the return of part or all grant funding if the project has deviated from the aims of the fund without prior notification, or is underspent.

Successful applications of funding over £1000 will receive their grant after the project has been completed and upon receipt of an end of project report which clearly outlines how the money was spent and the outcomes of the project.  We reserve the right to reduce or remove the grant offer if the project has deviated from the aims of the fund and from your application as submitted and without prior notification.

How to apply

Customer journey for applications under £1,000

chart showing the customer journey for applications under £1000


Customer journey for applications over £1,000

chart showing the customer journey for applications over £1000


Please ensure that you have read and understood the guidance and what this funding can be used for.  Summaries of your project will suffice as there are word number limitations but do include the key information of how your project meets the purpose of this grant fund and how you have identified the size of the grant you require.

Applications must be submitted online and funding used or allocated before 31 March 2022.

If you have any queries or are unsure about any of the process then please contact marking the subject with Support.

We aim to process applications as speedily as possible.  We may need to contact you for further information. You will receive an email informing you whether your application has been successful or not, so please try to avoid contacting the team ahead of this.

Complete and submit the online grants application form

Help and support

If you are uncertain about how to apply please contact and mark your email Support in the subject line.


*(a) Non-constituted groups without their own, separate bank account, small local businesses and individuals may apply but they will need to do so with the support of an accountable constituted organisation acting on their behalf as sponsor/guarantor and as the recipient of the grant.

If you fall into this category, organisations that DCC would accept as guarantor or fund holder include:

  • town or parish councils
  • local community and voluntary services organisation (CVS)
  • village hall
  • another constituted local voluntary group that qualifies

If you are uncertain how to do this then please contact and mark your email Support in the subject line.

**(b) If you are successful in getting funding for your idea/initiative, we will ask you for some feedback on how your project went within 3 months of the project being completed, and then again later if requested.

We may require:

  • details of how many people benefited from the project
  • copies of invoices and receipts relating to the DCC grant provided
  • details of the amount of any other match funding you received towards the project

When you submit your application, you’ll be asked to read and agree with the Terms and Conditions.

Full Terms and conditions

  • You are authorised to sign on behalf of the above-named organisation and that any funding will be used to benefit the community in line with the priorities of the Reconnect Rebuild Recover Fund and will only be used for the purposes specified in the application.
  • When signing the application form, you are confirming that if you are a group eligible to apply without a sponsor that your organisation is compliant with its legal governance structure and has two or more unrelated signatories.  We may ask you for evidence of this.
  • This Reconnect Rebuild Recover grant will be used or allocated before 31 March 2022 and any unspent/uncommitted monies will be returned to Devon County Council promptly; without proof of purchase or commitment.
  • That you will provide Devon County Council with an end of project report on how the funding has benefited the organisation/local community.
  • That you acknowledge and understand that approval of any grant relating to this application does not commit the County Council to ongoing funding.
  • That you agree that details of our project may be used by DCC in its public information to promote good practice.  And inspire others to undertake effective community work and initiatives.

Full details of the specific DCC terms and conditions relating to these grant schemes form part of the application process and require projects to accept them before any funds are released. However, there are some generic conditions that apply to all the grant schemes, which your group/organisation project needs to be aware of:

  1. You must confirm on the application that your project meets the respective eligibility criteria. The grant can only be used for the purposes specified in the application. Any variation must be notified as soon as possible to the project team via email
  2. Project applicants must confirm the project serves communities within the DCC administrative area of Devon, with at least 75% of the people benefiting from the project living in that area.
  3. There is no automatic right to a grant, DCC will consider all applications and decide on the applications it wishes to grant fund, seeking to distribute funding in an even-handed way across the entire area of Devon it administers. DCC reserves the right not to make a funding offer to a project.
  4. Grants will be awarded where they are deemed to be most needed and where they would have the greatest impact and outcomes.
  5. Grants will be awarded on a one-off basis. Any grant relating to an application does not commit the County Council to ongoing future funding.
  6. Applicants must accept in writing (an email or online application will suffice) the associated DCC terms and conditions before any grants can be released.
  7. A report of how the funding has benefited the organisation/local community will be provided; in line with the relevant terms and conditions applying. This can include invoices and you may want to submit GDPR compliant photos or videos.
  8. Any DCC grant-funded projects will clearly acknowledge, in any related publicity materials the Fund Scheme as a DCC initiative.
  9. DCC grant-funded projects accept that DCC will issue publicity about projects and activities that it supports, so may use such projects within its publicity materials and as promotional case studies and may wish the project to evaluate further its project work and outcomes. Publicity may include digital images, video and other content you have provided if you have confirmed them to be GDPR compliant.
  10. Repayment of DCC grant funds may be required at the sole discretion of Devon County Council if a funded project supplies false information, fails to spend the money in any allotted time period, fails to return evaluation materials within the agreed time period, becomes insolvent and/or there are any other breaches of the conditions or eligibility criteria.
  11. DCC may request additional information and assurances; requiring additional terms and conditions to apply and will require you to confirm in writing your acceptance of any additional terms and conditions before agreeing to provide DCC grant funding. Acceptance can be in the form of an email from the charity/organisation’s contact email address provided on the application form.


Devon County Council, L27, 3R Fund, County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter, Devon. EX2 4QD

Our contact numbers are:  01392 383379 or 01392 388135