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People who receive care at home

Last Updated 6:00pm, 27 April 2020


Information about coronavirus is available in different formats and languages, including easy read, BSL and for people who are not online.

Care provision arranged by Devon County Council

If you receive care at home from a care provider arranged by Devon County Council

The potential spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) may have an impact on our care providers’ staffing levels and ability to deliver care services to residents across Devon.

We’re working hard with our care providers to try and make sure we can continue to provide the care and support you need and that you are not at risk if your care is limited by staffing resources.

If you are receiving a direct payment from us, and you arrange your own care, or if you are receiving reablement services from us, your care provider is also likely to be experiencing pressure on their care services.

What you can do

These disruptions might last a while, so we are asking people who receive care services to help prepare by:

  • Talking to friends, relatives and neighbours to arrange support that you may need in case your care provider is temporarily unable to get to you
  • Ensuring you have extra provisions and enough medication to cover any delay if your care provider usually helps you with shopping or collecting prescriptions
  • Being flexible about the times your care provider can visit. They will be working with us to ensure that as many people as possible are being supported to be safe and well at home
  • Helping us to reduce the risk of spreading any infection to our care provider’s staff by not inviting visitors to your home who are not normally members of your household during a care visit

If your care provider does not have enough staff

Care providers will prioritise their visits and will continue to support those with the greatest need for care. You will be advised in advance if your care visits are to change. If you feel that you are unable to cope with potentially reduced or temporarily cancelled care visits, please talk to your care provider first.

They may not be able to provide help with services such as shopping unless you are unable to leave your home and have no other way of getting food.

You might receive care from a new staff member you have not met before, and they could be male or female.

You may receive care and support at a different time to usual, depending on the priority of your needs.

In periods of extreme staffing pressure, you may receive care from a different care provider. However, we will ensure your usual care provider and regular care staff are available as quickly as possible as the situation returns to normal.

If you have coronavirus

If you think you have coronavirus (COVID-19) we will do everything we can to ensure you continue to receive the care you need to stay safe and as well as possible at home.

To help prevent the risk of cross-infection, care staff will follow routine infection control procedures when providing you with personal care. They should also wash their hands more frequently, including when they arrive at your home and prior to leaving. If it is possible, providing a liquid soap in a dispenser would be a big help. Washing your own hands more frequently will also help reduce the risk of cross-infection in your home.

If your carer is a personal assistant (PA) who you pay privately

Please talk to them and make sure that they are aware of the latest guidance around infection control and safe practice.

If you employ a PA, please make sure that you keep up to date with the changing advice in relation to employment law. This can be sourced through your Employer’s Liability Insurance provider.

If your normal PA is not available, you can search for other PAs on Pinpoint.

We have also posted some helpful links on the Provider Engagement Network website.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and appreciate your cooperation and support of your care provider during this difficult time.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to make contact with your care provider, or you can contact Devon County Council’s Care Direct team on 0345 155 1007.