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Democracy and meetings


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Information about coronavirus is available in different formats and languages, including easy read, BSL and for people who are not online.

Guidance for Council meetings

The temporary regulations which allowed the Council to hold remote meetings expired on 7 May 2021 which means the majority of Council and Committee meetings must now be in person, for example, those that fall under the Local Government Act 1972 and those meetings that come under the Local Government Act 2000 and Executive Regulations.

Devon County Council meetings

Meetings of the Council, Cabinet, Scrutiny and a number of regulatory bodies will take place in person. Many of these meetings (but not all currently) will be live-streamed and if this is the case, members of the press and public are welcome to view any public committee meetings and the details of the live stream will be available from the link displayed on the agenda page for the meeting.

If a member of the public wishes to participate in a meeting in line with the public participation scheme, they are asked to contact the clerk of that meeting or email where they will be sent details of the meeting and how it will run.

We would ask kindly that members of both the press and public contact the Clerk to advise that they wish to attend this meeting in person. There could be limits on the numbers that can safely be accommodated in the room so it is important that we can plan for the expected numbers in attendance.

In some cases (but not all), there may be a remote/hybrid option for members of the public to participate and you are asked to contact the clerk of that meeting or email for further details.

Any queries at all about the meeting can be directed to the clerk of that meeting (their details also being available on the agenda page) or email

The calendar of meetings on the Democracy website will be kept fully up-to-date.

If there are any questions or queries please email

Safety measures

The Council is currently still running meetings as safely as possible and has organised larger meetings rooms, where possible, so people have more space and can distance.

Guidance for members of the public attending in person meetings at Devon County Council has been produced and we would ask that this be read carefully prior to attendance at any Council meeting.