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COVID-19 symptoms checker

Only people with COVID-19 symptoms need to get tested –

  • A high temperature
  • OR new, continuous cough
  • OR loss or change to sense of smell or taste

Use the NHS 111 online symptom checker if you’re not sure

Symptoms Covid-19
Mild to severe
Gradual onset
Rapid onset
Fever/high temperature (37.8 degrees C or above) Common Rare Common
New cough Common (usually dry and continuous, with no mucus or phlegm produced) Sometimes Common (usually dry)
Recent loss or change to sense of taste or smell Common Rare No
Fatigue Sometimes (common in children) Sometimes Common
Sneezing No Common No
Aches and pains Sometimes Common Sometimes
Runny or stuffy nose Rare Common Sometimes
Sore throat Sometimes Common Sometimes
Diarrhoea Rare (sometimes in children) No Sometimes (for children)
Headaches Sometimes Rare Common
Shortness of breath Sometimes No No


This symptom checker is also available as a PDF to download or print.