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The description below is for an image or graphic that appears in the page: Reconnect Rebuild Recover Community Fund

Image description

The image shows the process for applications to the Reconnect Rebuild Recover (3R) fund for grants under £1000.

Step 1 is to read the guidance and check if your project or business is eligible for 3R funding.

Step 2 is to complete the application form: describing the project and explaining why the fund is needed and providing a list of project costs/items.

Step 3 is that the 3R programme team will assess your application and communicate their decision. If the project is approved you will receive confirmation of the funding offer.

Step 4 says that if the project is approved the grant will be received into the nominated bank account. You can start your project as described in your application.

Step 5 is that an end of project report needs to be submitted. Include any outcomes, publicity or GDPR compliant photos/videos, as well as copies of receipts.

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