Does DCC have a childcare voucher scheme?

Computershare have confirmed that in TUPE situations, individuals who are currently in their employer’s childcare voucher scheme can transfer to Computershare when they TUPE in to DCC (as long as they have had a deduction within the last 12 months … Continue reading

Will Occupational Health Provision change?

Your current Occupational Health Provision will change and be operated by Medigold from date of transfer. You will need to give permission, to allow for any transfer of information from your current Occupational Health provider if required.

What is happening about lease cars?

A proportion of staff transferring across have lease cars through Virgincare ltd. Devon County Council do not run a lease car scheme, so we will honour those current arrangements with transferring staff, however the scheme will not be continuing post … Continue reading

Will my pay date change?

The pay date for staff transferring will be 25th of the month (or on the closest earlier working day if 25th of month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday).