How will a local authority provide the clinical management needed for NHS staff?

Devon County Council has a successful track record in transferring staff from NHS to the local authority when the Public Health function moved in 2013.

We already have many staff, including clinical staff, who have experience of working and leading a PHN service who can provide reassurance, support and advice to staff joining the Council as part of this transfer.

Adult social care is delivered by nurses, OTs and physios in frontline and management roles in integrated teams, all employed by the County Council.

Around 14 local authorities provide their own Public Health Nursing service and Jo Olsson, Chief Officer for Children’s Services at the County Council, previously worked in Swindon and was responsible for the in-sourced Public Health Nursing service there.

Children’s Services also intend to recruit a senior Public Health Nurse to lead the in-sourcing, ensuring all requirements of clinical governance, safeguarding, quality assurance, CQC registration and prescribing are fully realised.

And we will work closely with Virgin Care Ltd to ensure there is a smooth transfer of staff who will continue to enjoy their NHS terms and conditions.