Chief Executive, Phil Norrey Welcome from Chief Executive, Phil Norrey

A very warm welcome to colleagues from Public Health Nursing, ROVICs, Portage and Children’s Homes. View full message and the Welcome Guide.

After your transition

We’d like to give you some pointers to help the transition happen as smoothly as possible for you.

Below, you will find an essential checklist outlining what you need to do before the 1 April and beyond.  Please familiarise yourself with the information on it and if you have any questions, please email cchwstransition@devon.gov.uk.


  • Where can I find information about what I need to do to get ready for the transition?

    Please view our ICT Provision page here, for information on:

    • transferring and protecting your data and devices
    • accessing your DCC details to log on
    • looking on and IT troubleshooting.

  • Who do I contact for support? (Until 1 April)

    Please continue to go through the VCL Service Desk for any IT issues you experience.

  • Who do I contact for support? (From 1 April)

    For all ICT support please contact Scomis on 01392 382222. In addition, SCOMIS will be providing face to face support at the four PHN hub sites during the first week of April.

  • ID Badges and Smartcards

    If you haven’t already done so, please give your team leader a photo to be used for your ID badge, by 25 March. We cannot issue an ID badge without a photo. A head and shoulders shot taken on your phone (with a plain background) will be sufficient.

  • Where can I collect my ID badge?

    PHN staff: Please collect your ID badge from your admin hub.

    All other staff: Please collect your ID badge from your team leader.

  • Who do I contact if my ID badge doesn't work, and I need it for building access? (Until 1 April)

    Continue to use your existing ID badge. Please use your existing contacts for any issues around building access.

  • Who do I contact if my ID badge doesn't work, and I need it for building access? (From 1 April)

    Use your new ID badge. Please contact the DCC smartcard office by email,or by calling 01392 383147.

  • Who do I go to with building-related queries? (Until 1 April)

    Please continue to use your existing contacts for all property related queries. Ifm, however, you are unable to get a resolution to an urgent query, please email the Estates mailbox

  • E-learning and certificates

    • Will my current training remain valid?

      All staff leaving VirginCare have been requested to screen shot and/or download evidence of statutory and Mandatory training from My Learning .This must be done before 29 March.

    • What training will be available after 1 April

      During early April, all PHN and NHSP staff will be migrated from being internal users on VirginCare ‘My Learning’ to being external users on the VCL ‘My Learning’ platform. On-going Statutory and Mandatory e-learning will be accessible through this.

      Face to face statutory and mandatory training is to be confirmed.

    Communication to staff transferring on NHS Pensions

    Further to the measures letter advising that:

    ‘Staff currently on NHS pension schemes should be able to retain their NHS pension (subject to NHS pensions final determination process) the process of application for NHS Pensions can take 3 months’

    We have now just received further notification from NHS Pensions and below is a summary from that letter:

    The application can only be forwarded to the Department of Health and Social Care for their consideration, once the transfer date has passed, and all the information has been collated and checked. Please be advised that this process can take time to complete.

    We will write to you officially once notification has been received from the Department of Health and Social Care, as to whether the application has been approved. If approved, we will at this point provide you with copies of all legal documents and confirm the Employing Authority (EA) Code applicable to this specific application. Please be advised that this code may differ from Employing Authority codes already held.

    During the process members may receive automated letters from NHS Pensions about their pension being deferred, please advise members that we cannot stop these being issued, however, they will not affect the members as the application is pending. If they query this with you then please advise that once the direction has been approved and the joiner submitted that they are covered for NHS Pensions from the date of transfer.

    We are doing everything we can to ensure as minimal impact on staff as possible but the process is managed by NHS Pensions.

    Welcome to Devon County Council event

    A welcome event was held on Wednesday 27 February to welcome staff to Devon County Council. For those who were unable to attend there is a webcast of the meeting.

    Inside Devon

    We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Devon County Council. You will find all you need to know about working for us on Inside Devon. Please feel free to take a look around and familiarise yourself. You may find the following pages useful:

    Business Travel 
    Our organisation 
    Staff benefits