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If you are worried that you may be drinking too much alcohol, you can check your intake, start a drink diary and get tips on reducing your drink levels. Visit If you are taking any illegal drugs such as cannabis, cocaine or heroin find out how these drugs are affecting your body and what help […]

Abuse is a serious issue and there are services in place to help you if you are afraid that you may be vulnerable to emotional, physical, sexual or financial abuse. If you think that you are being abused in any way tell someone. Call us on 0345 1551 007 from 8am to 8pm Monday to […]

A carer is anyone who provides unpaid care and support for a family member or friend who couldn’t manage without the help. For example, you could be caring for your husband, wife, partner, parent or child with additional needs. Being a carer can be challenging and lonely, but there is support available to help you: […]

Getting out and about, making new friends or seeing old friends, overcoming loneliness, being active and taking part in social activities are all important parts of living a happy and independent life. Although Devon is a rural county there are lots or services and organisations which run local activities and events and provide transport. There […]

You may want to: find work gain skills, experience or qualifications to help you find work learn new skills, take up a new hobby and meet new people volunteer in your local community. Whatever you are looking to do there are lots of opportunities across Devon and organisations offering help and support.

You may be struggling to stay in touch with people because they live too far away, because it’s getting harder to visit them or because of sight or hearing problems. There are a range of solutions that can help including: easy-to-use phones and computers – and support to learn how to use them accessible transport people […]

If you feel that you are not safe in your home there are many simple things you can do to improve the safety and security of your house. You may want to think about: alarms – for fire, carbon monoxide, burglar alarms and alarms you can activate if you fall or are in danger locks and […]

Not being able to manage your housework, gardening or household finances can be frustrating and upsetting. If you can no longer keep your house or garden the way you want it there are solutions that can help with: housework gardening DIY tasks managing household finances. Before you arrange for somebody to come into your home […]

Mobility, sight loss or balance problems can make moving around your home or community difficult and sometimes frightening. There is a lot of equipment which can make living in your house easier and safer. Simple equipment like a walking frame or a walking stick may make a big difference. There are also larger pieces of […]

It’s frustrating if a mobility or balance problem makes it difficult for you to get dressed and undressed. There are a range of ways to get support with this, including equipment, specialist adapted clothing or having somebody come into your home to help. You may be having difficulty keeping your clothes clean because of a physical […]

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