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Personal brokerage

How long do providers have to respond?

For an emergency placement, the providers have either 24 hours or 48 hours to reply. For all other cases the provider’s response time depends on when your care package needs to start. If your care is required to start within 28 days of the end of your assessment the providers are given five working days to respond. They are given a further five days to respond for each additional 28 days to the start of service provision .

For example:

  • Care is required to start within 28 days from assessment – five days response time.
  • Care is required to start within 56 days from assessment – 10 days response time.

How do the personal brokers shortlist?

The personal brokers appraise the provider‘s responses to check which ones most closely match what you have asked for in your Outcome Statement. The brokers score responses based on the quality and matching the responses to your indicative budget. They look for the most appropriate responses in terms of a balance of quality and price. If you have a preferred provider, they will be contacted, but can only be considered if their response is suitable.

What happens once providers have been identified?

The details of the most appropriate provider based on the appraisal will be sent to your care manager and you can read how they will provide services to meet your assessed needs. You can arrange to visit a potential provider to help you to make your decision – your care manager can help you to arrange this.

Once you have chosen a provider let your care manager know and they will inform the successful provider and the personal brokers. The personal brokers may need to negotiate with your chosen provider to ensure that the amount of payment to the provider for your package is in line with your Estimated Budget.

Once an agreement has been made with the provider, your care manager and the personal brokers complete the necessary paperwork and arrange a date for your service to start.

If you have any questions contact your care manager or Care Direct on 0345 1551 007.

You can email the Personal Brokerage Team (depending on area/query) at:

Personal Brokerage New Cases (East) – 01392 381206

Personal Brokerage New Cases (North) – 01392 381208

Personal Brokerage New Cases (South) – 01392 381211

Personal Brokerage Reviews – 01392 381206