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Financial assessment and paying for community care services

What happens after the financial assessment?

The financial assessment will work out how much you need to pay – this is called your ‘maximum weekly charge’.

DCC will only charge you either the value of your personal budget or your maximum weekly charge, whichever is the lower amount.

We will send you a:

  • letter confirming your maximum weekly charge and the date your charges start
  • copy of our calculations showing how we have worked this out
  • Direct Debit mandate will be enclosed for you to sign and return declaring the details are correct and you agree to pay your assessed weekly contribution

You will also receive a statement of account every four weeks for your assessed contribution.

If you receive a direct payment to pay for your care needs, and your weekly contribution from DCC is more than the value of your direct payment, your direct payment will cease and you will need to pay for your care services yourself.

Minimum income guarantee

The financial assessment will disregard from your weekly income a sum of money to meet your daily living costs, for example, food, clothing and standard utility costs. This is known as the minimum income guarantee (MIG). This varies depending on your age and what benefits you are in receipt of.

For information about paying your social care bill please see Pay a social care bill.