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Support for adults

Adult Care and Health: Vision, 5 Year Plan, Annual Report and Strategies

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Adult Care and Health in Devon includes a wide range of services to help people maintain their independence, be protected in vulnerable situations, maximise their health and wellbeing and play a full part in society.

We deliver these services in partnership with other organisations including the NHS and a wide range of independent care and health service providers.

The following information outlines our Vision, our planning to achieve this Vision and our progress in achieving these aims. To support our Vision you will also find our 5 Year Plan, Promoting Independence policy and Annual Report.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for all adults in Devon to lead lives that are as independent and as fulfilling as possible through being: informed, secure and connected.

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Our 5 Year Plan

The key message from our 5 Year Plan is promoting independence.

  • Prevention: creating the conditions where people and communities support themselves as much as possible
  • Integration: making independence the key outcome of all services and the core principle of a shared culture with our health, care and support partners, preparing people for recovery at all the stages of their care and support needs
  • At first contact: we will aim to effectively meet people’s needs through information, advice, signposting, diverting them from dependence on care services
  • In our care management practice: we will focus on the strengths of individuals, their families and social networks, and of their communities to help people to help themselves and each other
  • Through short-term interventions: we will develop the range of services we offer collaborating with NHS partners, extending their reach, improving their effectiveness, and ensuring appropriate access and triage
  • Through long-term services: making the maximisation of independence our standard approach and introducing outcomes-focused commissioning to help achieve this

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Promoting Independence Policy

Promoting independence means enabling as many residents as possible to stay healthy and active in their communities for as long as possible with the minimal necessary reliance on publicly funded health and care services.

Independence is enabled through personal resilience and resourcefulness, strong family and social relationships, and access to community opportunities and support.

The Promoting Independence policy sets out how Devon County Council will support people in a way that promotes their independence.

Key strategies

Autism – Living Well With Autism Strategy for Devon, Torbay and Plymouth 2015–2020

Learning disability – Living Well with a Learning Disability Strategy in Devon 2018 – 2022

Housing and accommodation – Healthy Lives, Vibrant Communities, Housing Choices. A Joint Strategic Approach to Supporting People to Live Independently in Devon 2020 to 2025

Housing and accommodation (easy read) – Health Lives, Vibrant Communities, Housing Choices – Easy Read Version

Our Annual Report

Writing an annual report on adult social care in Devon gives us the opportunity to reflect on our achievements and to look at how well we are meeting the needs of our population. We have aimed to do this by responding to the priorities expressed in our vision, which the people we serve and the providers and staff who serve them, helped us to develop.

We draw upon a wide range of quantitative and qualitative information in assessing our current performance and put this summary into the public domain to inform democratic scrutiny, peer review and public participation in our planning for the future.

The process of producing an annual report supports our preparedness for the CQC Assurance of adult social care due to commence in April 2023.

We take accessibility seriously. However, some of the information presented in the reports on this page may not be fully accessible to someone using assistive technology such as a screen reader. If you need guidance, or an alternative format, email with details of any preferred format and the assistive technology you use.

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