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Direct payments for equipment

For some people your assessment will show that your needs can be met with a piece of equipment. If you are eligible for equipment from social care you can choose to be given the equipment or have a direct payment to buy the equipment yourself.

How much will the direct payment be?

You will be offered a direct payment equivalent to the price of the equipment that you would have been given from Devon County Council or the NHS.

Can I buy anything with the direct payment?

The direct payment can be used to buy new or second-hand equipment or to lease equipment, as long as it is assessed as suitable for your needs by your direct payment prescriber.

To have the direct payment you must:

  • use the direct payment only for equipment that will meet your assessed need
  • be responsible for your own health and safety, and that of people employed by you or caring for you when using the equipment
  • read the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use
  • ensure all statutory checks and maintenance are done to comply with the requirements of health and safety legislation, such as Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations or Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
  • insure the equipment
  • repay any underspend if the equipment costs less than the value of the direct payment
  • offer DCC or NHS care services first refusal on the equipment when it is no longer required.

The direct payment prescriber must:

  • check that your choice of equipment will meet your assessed need, taking into account changing needs if you have a fluctuating or degenerative condition
  • confirm that the money has been spent appropriately
  • review the appropriate installation and use of the equipment as soon as possible after it’s delivered
  • give you the results of any health and safety assessments and moving and handling plans, done as part of your assessment of need
  • advise you on the health and safety aspects of using any prescribed equipment.

Direct payments for equipment can’t be offered to people in care homes.

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