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Support for adults

Commissioned Care

When we discuss your support plan you may decide that the best option for you will be to have some or all of your support managed by DCC and provided by local organisations we have contracts with. We call this commissioned care.

Often people come to us when there is an urgent need for care and support. In this situation it may be better to have some services provided through DCC social care until you feel confident in managing your own support, or until you have someone in place to help you, such as a carer or relative.

Our commissioned care services are delivered by providers that we have a contract to work with. Some of the providers also use smaller companies to deliver services on their behalf.

The providers were chosen after an extensive tender process. Between them they can deliver a large range of support and services to meet the needs of most service users.

How will commissioned care benefit me?

You won’t need to worry about arranging your services, remembering to book in visits, or remembering to pay for services. All of this will be done for you. Managed services are useful if you don’t want to, or are unable to, take on the responsibility of managing money or people.

We will discuss your needs and agree with you on the best way to meet them and arrange services to support you

What if I have a problem with my services?

If you have any problems with your service you should let the person who provides the service know. If they are unable to help speak to your social worker or care manager. If you can’t resolve the problem this way you can contact The Customer Relations Team on 0800 212 783 email or write to FREEPOST DCC CUSTOMER RELATIONS (you only need to write this one line of address and you do not need a stamp).

Remember that even if you have commissioned care initially you can always change to direct payments to organise your services yourself if you feel you would like more choice or flexibility. You can also have some of your services managed by us and manage some yourself. If you want to change, or if you have any concerns speak to your care manager about your options.

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