Why is the toucan crossing at the Canal Bridges being moved and why is it delaying cyclists further by making it a staggered crossing?

A safety assessment has concluded that when the second southbound traffic lane is provided across the Swing Bridge, the existing crossing would be less safe for cyclists, because drivers may be paying attention to other factors, such as the metal side walls of the Swing Bridge, or another vehicle that may be alongside them.

These other factors may cause distraction meaning that drivers may be less able to register either the traffic signals changing colour or people already on the crossing in front of them. So other locations for the crossing were investigated.

The new position will be on the other side of the Canal and Bridge Office, however due to the curvature of the northbound lane, and the width of the grassy island which would extend a single crossing, it means that the toucan is being split into 2 staggered crossings.

Cyclists will benefit from greater space at each side of the crossings allowing larger groups and families to gather whilst waiting for the crossing, and the connections to the cyclepaths in the river valley are being improved.