Why doesn’t the Council get rid of the cycle crossing by Glasshouse Lane and make people use the existing bridge near Countess Wear roundabout?

Glasshouse Lane and Countess Wear Road are popular cycle traffic routes which are recognised on the Exeter Cycle map.

We know that people are more likely to try and cross a road themselves if a formal crossing is not located conveniently close to their ‘desire line’, but the level of traffic on Bridge Road would make it very dangerous to try to cross the road without a formal crossing.

The bridge is far enough away from the crossing location that pedestrians and cyclists are unlikely to detour to use it. Cyclists also prefer ‘at-grade’ facilities meaning they don’t have to expend all the additional effort to gain height to get above a road, only to have to drop down again. The approaches to the bridge on the Glasshouse Lane side are stepped and would need significant construction work to be able to accommodate a ‘wheeling channel’ for dismounted cyclists to wheel their bikes up the structure. However the bridge would still not be suitable for prams or wheelchairs.