Why can’t we have traffic signals at the junction of Glasshouse Lane to make it safer and stop drivers cutting‘’ through the estate from Topsham Road to Bridge Road?

The aim of the Bridge Road scheme is to reduce congestion on Bridge Road outbound, introducing signals with a phase for Glasshouse Lane may actually increase congestion. To discourage (via signals) the use of the estate as a short cut, the aim would be to hold the Glasshouse Lane signals on red for a reasonable time, enough to discourage through-traffic from using the estate.

However if you hold people on a red light for no reason (say if the toucan had been triggered twice in close succession) there is a risk that some will simply drive through the red signal. When the whole scheme is complete, Topsham Road, Countess Wear roundabout, Bridge Road should be a more attractive, quicker, route than Glasshouse Lane.

There has been previous consultation regarding a closure of the Glasshouse Lane junction with Bridge Road, but this was not popular with residents of the estate.