Why are drivers now unable to turn left into Countess Wear Road?

Prior to the scheme, drivers could turn left and access a very short section of Countess Wear Road before reaching ‘No Entry’ signs placed diagonally across the road before Roche Gardens. The ‘No Entry’ signs were to prevent Exeter-bound drivers cutting through the residential estate of Countess Wear Road, to try and avoid the roundabout. The ‘No Entry’ signs were originally placed at this location so that access off Bridge Road was available for the commercial site which previously existed at this location – first as a transport café, then the ‘Taxfile’. However, there have been numerous complaints that the ‘No Entry’ signs were being ignored, so now that the site has been redeveloped into new housing, the traffic restriction is being amended so that no vehicles can turn left from Bridge Road. The junction will be reconstructed to prevent vehicles turning left off Bridge Road, and this gives the advantage of providing more space for pedestrians and cyclists.