Weekend road closure report (23-26 June)

Bridge Road was closed from 10pm last Friday (23 June). During the night, excavation work was undertaken at two areas where the road structure had previously failed and needed renewing. This included an area in the middle of Countess Wear … Continue reading

Overnight road closure report (22-25 May)

Bridge Road was closed overnight on 22-25 May this week in order to allow the installation of the remaining steelwork structures of the new Countess Wear footbridge. This 160m long, 3m wide footbridge is the major new structure in the … Continue reading

Weekend road closure report (5-8 May 2017)

Bridge Road was closed to traffic from 10pm Friday night (5 May) to allow essential widening works to continue. Five different elements of the new Countess Wear footbridge were installed – two cantilever beams and three sections of bridge deck.  These … Continue reading

Weekend road closure report (7-10 April 2017)

The main activity over the weekend was the placement of two sections of bridge deck for the Countess Wear pedestrian and cycle bridge. The installation of this structure is the most complex element of the project – it involves nine … Continue reading

Weekend Road Closure Report 27-30 January 2017

The footbridge over the rail line was lifted in at the weekend. It was fabricated and painted in West Lancashire and was delivered by low loader lorry to the Bridge Road site during Saturday 28 January. The two reinforced concrete … Continue reading

Weekend Road Closure Report 10-11 September 2016

Bridge Road was recently closed for the weekend 10-11 September, to allow the Contractor to undertake certain tasks which required the full width of the road. A key activity was the waterproofing of Countess Wear Flood Relief Bridge, a 1960s structure in … Continue reading

Progress Report 2

Progress Report 2 – 26th April to 27th May 2016: Welcome to the second instalment of our series of progress reports on the Civil Engineering works at Bridge Road, Exeter. As work has begun on a variety of structures, this latest … Continue reading